On Memorial Day

We will be located at the entrance of Sunset Hills Cemetery from 10 AM to 1 PM to offer assistatnce in finding the graves of family and friends


"Journeys Bereavement Support Group"

 7-8:30pm on Mondays in  Bozeman Deaconess   Hospital's Pine Room     


Coffee Break for Bereaved Parents

Hosted by The Compassionate Friends Bozeman Chapter

2nd & 4th Saturdays of each month @ 10am

Wild Joe's Coffee, Main Street in Bozeman.

 Call Kathy 539-3491 with questions.

Veteran Benefits

Many veterans receive a percent of disability upon their retirement. Depending on that percentage, the veteran would qualify for burial benefits. Normally, for a veteran who has 100% service connected disability, the benefit would be up to $2,000. For any veteran with less than 100% disability and receiving a disability pension, the benefits would be for the burial plot allowance and Burial Benefit.

If the veteran dies in a VA facility or a facility under contract by the VA, the VA will pay additional transportation charges to bring the veteran to his/her home town.

The VA will provide a U.S. flag for each qualified veteran.

If the body or cremains of a veteran are buried in a cemetery, a marker will be provided at no cost to the family. The funeral director can assist the veteran's family with the style, type and information for the marker at the time of death.

Death benefits for veterans vary from county to county. Currently Gallatin County provides a $500 death benefit for the family of a qualified veteran. Dahl Funeral Home can assist in applying to other counties for death benefits as well.

For additional or detailed information about federal VA benefits, please visit